Patrick Rapai

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I perform my daily alchemy in my Johannesburg studio, transforming an almost unimaginable breath of materials into works of compelling art. My painting technique is inspired by the textures of nature, ie tree buck, grounds, road surfaces, grass, plastered walls, ect. My subject matter is derived from the African landscape and her dwellings and I am stimulated by her rustic colour profile, I prefer to call my technique as Dimensional.

By painting on canvas, I create the paste from mixed wood glue, wood vanish, tile grout and cement. I work with three paintings at a time, after a proportional sketch is done with engraving and scratching of wet paste. I apply textures in sequence with a palette knife.

I have received my fine arts diploma, graphic design diploma and worked in an artist workshop in Botswana. I have also exhibited in many galleries worldwide, also received many awards and commissions from this.

I believe that the art world is like a big jigsaw puzzle – its all about fitting the pieces together of those who have something with those who want something. This is my aim to reach out using painting technique and captivating scenes.