Simon Nyamkieda

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A former Zimbabwean soldier that left in 2001 to come to ‘greener pastures’ here in South Africa.

He learnt at craft school how to use wire and bottle tops to create animals, baskets and many more creations. He then started selling more and more, but still felt he could do something different.

So he went to Rosbank Market and started selling his beaded work there.
He met an Irish woman whom became his first big order and the person that pushed and encouraged him to make more and more bead work and things were changing for the better.

So much so that he was able to fetch his family from Zimbabwe and bring them here to stay. He was also able to buy a stand and build their home in Zimbabwe, and all that remains is to put a roof over their house. He supports his wife and twin boys with his bead work and they live day to day not knowing what tomorrow brings.