Debbie Cloete

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Debbie Cloete was born in Pretoria in 1970. She lived in the USA for eight years before returning to South Africa in 1984, and currently lives and works in Pretoria.

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, majoring in both Information Design and Printmaking and graduated in 1995.

After studying she worked in advertising for a short while and as a graphic designer for several years before working at various Pretoria schools as a substitute art teacher.

Debbie has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1995 at venues including; gordart Gallery, Association of arts Pretoria, SASOL New Signatures, Magpie Gallery, Ekuruleni Fine Arts Awards, Alliance Fran├žais (Johannesburg and Paris), KKNK and Tina Skukan Gallery.

She explores the medium of digital printing as a form of printmaking using photography and found images as a conceptual starting point. Debbie is currently working on various collaborative projects with other artists, writers and curators.