Sponsorhip opportunity

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The selection of artists on this site is subject to change, depending on the artists' availability. New artists may also be added to the site from time to time. If you would like to secure the services of a particular artist, please forward your request as soon as possible


The sponsorship includes the following:

Your sponsored month's front page featuring logo at the top of the page, alongside a photograph of the relevant artist with your customised work of art and the month's calendar and date.

view sample for FRONT

The back page of the sponsored month, featuring an info graphic representing your business or theme, along with a brief written overview of the company/theme/project in easy to read bullet points.

view sample for BACK

Brainstorm in turn will host an event showcasing the works produced by this initiative. The event will be attended by the calendar's sponsors and clients, as well as friends, CIOs and customers of Brainstorm. The artwork will be judged by a panel and we will have a ballot box at the event for attendees to vote. The winning artist will be commissioned to produce a work of art for the main sponsor of the exhibition, worth R25 000, and a runner up will be awarded a R5 000 prize.

Brainstorm will run a reportback in the February 2014 issue announcing the winner and highlighting the event, the artworks created and the sponsors' support of this local initiative.

Total costing: R65 000-00.

Last Year's Sponsors