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The team at Brainstorm are once again preparing to produce the prestigious calendar for 2017.

Brainstorm magazine proudly brings together the worlds of ICT and photography to provide some of South Africa's talented artists with a platform to impress.

This year, we’ve partnered with the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, and you’ll be able to work with the cream of the country’s young photographers to produce a photographic art print.

The objective of the calendar project is to help nurture local photographers by giving them a chance to develop a unique artwork, based on a client brief, and then compete in our annual calendar competition. This project gives the photographers a platform to shine and our corporate clients a chance to support a local artist. The client also gets a custom-made artwork, specific to their business.

A shortlist of artists has been identified and clients are encouraged to look through the portfolios to decide which photographer will best meet their corporate messaging objectives.

You will see are a mixture of styles and approaches: some work in monochrome, others in colour and there is also space for the digital manipulation of the images.

Should you decide to join the project, you’ll need to distil your company’s mission statement into a single line. This will inform the photographer’s brief, and ultimately ensure that the image they produce will be in line with your company’s vision and ethos.

This year, there is the work of 21 photographers to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your photographer, we’ll facilitate a meeting, at which you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the kind of work you’re interested in, and how this fits with your corporate identity.

Whatever the topic, from digitilisation, to cloud, to a CSI project or a portrait, the photographers are tasked with producing artworks to represent the agreed briefs.

Not only do sponsors acquire a unique and original artwork symbolising a key component of their company's mission or ethos, they also have the benefit of having the artwork and some key data displayed on thousands of corporate desks all year round in the form of a calendar.

South Africa has a wealth of artistic talent and through the calendar project; Brainstorm and its generous corporate sponsors are helping the next generation of artists to acquire a platform on which to shine through the entire year of 2017.

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