Bytesize 2008

What’s In A Name?

HARDWARE Laptops and PCs


• Multithreading: Applications that allow multiple parts of the software code to be executed simultaneously.

• Cache: This is one way manufacturers are able to increase performance without increasing clock speed. By stashing segments of important data or programs in a specific area, processors can access them more quickly than delving into memory or other storage. Cache has two levels: L1 and L2, with L1 being the primary one.

• Clock cycle: The speed at which your processor executes commands, based on the time set by a computer’s internal clock (on the motherboard). The faster the “clock”, the more instructions your processor can perform; these speeds are measured in MHz and GHz.

Performance is affected by memory and bus speeds too – if these are less speedy than your processor, you might end up with a “bottleneck”. Generally speaking, the faster your memory technology, the more you’ll benefit from a high-powered processor.

18 June 2009