Dhananathan Naicker

Principal engineer, CSIR

Dhananathan M. Naicker, principal engineer, CSIR

Danny has 20 Years’ experience in Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Product design, development and testing, Systems Engineering, Radar Target and ECM Simulators for China, UK and Saudi Arabia: such as: Military product for testing radar systems. Digital Receiver for Saudi Arabia: Military product for detecting and classifying RF transmissions. Complex Target Simulator for South Korea: Military test equipment for testing target recognition radars. Radar Threat Simulator for Saudi Arabia: Military equipment for testing digital receiver systems and radar warner systems aboard aircraft. Locomotive Condition Monitoring System (LCMS): Condition monitoring system for Transnet locomotives. Survey and Inspection Device (SID): Unmanned Rail vehicle for inspection of railway infrastructure .Smart Helmet: police/military helmet with 360 degree video, audio and infra-red coverage.

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