Julius Segole

Independent consultant (former GITOC chair and CIO, Department of Social Development)

Julius Segole

Julius Segole is an independent consultant who provides strategic advice to organisations and IT leaders. He has an illustrious IT career spanning over 25 years, 15 of which were in the public sector. He is a former IT executive at Standard Bank of South Africa, where he held roles such as business information officer and head of IT Strategy for Business and Commercial Banking. Prior to this, he was CIO in the Department of Social Development. Between 2008 and 2012, Segole chaired the Government Information Technology Officers Council (GITOC), which represents all CIOs in government. As the chairperson of GITOC, he facilitated the development of a turnaround strategy framework for SITA, a government-wide ICT strategy, government-wide ICT governance framework, government green IT policy, cyber security and government-wide monitoring and evaluation systems framework, among others. He has held positions in other international forums or initiatives such as the United Nations Development Programme Global Staff Forum, the International Social Security Association ICT Technical Commission, and the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects.

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