Peter Ndoro

MC and TV Personality

Peter Ndoro,MC and TV Personality

Peter Ndoro was born in Zimbabwe and went to live in England with his family, where he grew up. He returned to Zimbabwe with his family when he was 15, and he finished his schooling in Harare. His future as an accountant looked set until, on his last day of articles, he resigned, took stock of his life and, with the prompting of a friend, decided to audition for a job on ZBC Radio One in Zimbabwe. He stayed at ZBC for six months and then moved to South Africa to further his career in broadcasting. Ndoro got a voice-over position with M-Net, and soon afterwards his face was on the box. His soothing voice was heard on Radio Highveld and SAFM. In addition to being an in-demand master of ceremonies and television personality, Ndoro has his own production company.

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