Pria Chetty

Regional director, EndCode

Pria Chetty, Regional director, EndCode

Pria Chetty is regional director at EndCode. Chetty has 12 years’ experience as a technology law and policy advisor to public and private sector organisations, developing country governments and international organisations. In 2007, Chetty founded a leading South African technology law firm that was acquired by Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2011. Following the acquisition, she was responsible for establishing and heading the technology legal and regulatory service area for the PwC national advisory practice. She left PwC in 2013 and went on to serve as an expert consultant on an ITU project focusing on technical assistance in the area of cyber security law and policy for southern African countries. As a thought leader, Chetty has presented at local and international technology conferences and published in local and international newspapers, magazines and journals. She has also published book chapters examining emerging technology law and policy topics, with particular emphasis on recommendations for developing countries. Chetty currently has served as a member of regional and international expert groups and advisory boards, including the BRICS Cybersecurity Expert Group and Wikimedia ZA. She was also an associate at the Global Cybersecurity Centre at Oxford University. Chetty is passionate about facilitating technology law and policy that enables ICT opportunities in Africa.

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