Rammane Baldwin Ramasobane

Acting CEO, Limpopo Connexion

Baldwin started his career as Industrial Engineering Surveyor. His primary work involved planning, surveying, design, consultation, project management in various engineering fields including construction of roads, bridges, electricity, water and dams infrastructure. He later acquired the above mentioned qualifications and work as Software Developer/Programmer and Business and System Support Engineer for various IT companies include Intergraph System, IBM, EDS, where he developed engineering and commercial applications and software. He later joined government as General Manager: Information Management and Technology in the Department of Public Works Limpopo Province. He was later appointed as a Regional Manager for SITA in Limpopo Province. Baldwin established SITA Regional Office in Limpopo and implemented several projects at both provincial and municipal levels. He has conceptualised broadband project and articulated its adoption by the Limpopo Executive Council 10 years ago. He was recruited back to government to establish a Centre of Excellence in Limpopo Province for the deployment and implementation of an open access broadband network telecommunications infrastructure, information society and regional innovation systems programmes. Baldwin established the Limpopo Connexion SOC Ltd in Limpopo Province where is currently being appointed as an Interim CEO. The mandate of the company is to build the ICT Sector and enhance the provincial economy by implementing projects such as the Limpopo broadband and Limpopo science and technology park. These two projects are currently being implemented through Baldwin's leadership. Baldwin brings along over 25 years of experience in the field of ICT.

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