Riaz Osman

director/partner, Deloitte Consulting

Riaz Osman, director/partner, Deloitte Consulting

He is currently the leader of the Systems Integration business as well as the CIO Advisory capability, after spending the past 18 months as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Technology and Digital business areas. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Accounting and Computer Science) from Rhodes University. He spent 18 months on sabbatical, doing work in Predictive Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as mentoring executives, start-ups and entrepreneurs. He is passionate about making businesses and professionals succeed, especially by harnessing the power of innovative and leading edge technology.

Riaz is a well-rounded, senior executive, with experience in South Africa, Africa, India and UK. He has a proven track record in running businesses and managing large/complex transformational programmes, across multiple geographies. He has experience in defining Business Architectures through to Design, Build and Implementation, including digital, data and analytics strategy and implementation.

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