Smart Cities, Township and Villages:
Connecting the future

Date: Thursday, 12 September 2019
Venue: Emnotweni Sun Hotel
Time: 09:00 – 14:00

In his recent State of the Nation Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa said: "We are faced with a stark choice. It is a choice between being overtaken by technological change or harnessing it to serve our developmental aspirations. It is a choice between entrenching inequality or creating shared prosperity through innovation."

The president has been focused on the influence that technology and the fourth industrial revolution can have on the country. There’s no better way to harness the benefits of technologies for communities than integrating it into the fabric of their habitats.

During this event, we will explore how to create a digital economy through smart cities, villages and townships. We will assess how South Africa has seen changes in its cities with enhanced broadband penetration and other fibre initiatives, from smart traffic and security cameras to smart meters.

Then we will examine the possibilities for growth and development in our townships and village. Rural areas and townships could be seen as a blank canvass for technological implementation, which could make the idea of smart villages and townships viable, seeing that technologies can be tested and deployed with less time. It is also believed that this can create more jobs, entrepreneurs, increase innovation and uplift the community.

We need to understand how we can move from smart cities to smart villages and townships. In addition to this, we can gain insight from smart cities and transfer knowledge and align the needs to local authorities and adapt to the needs of villages and townships.

Key questions we need to ask are:

  • How do we know which technologies will work best for South Africa urban as well as rural areas?
  • How to modifying technologies to suit the unique needs of townships and villages?
  • With minimal infrastructure, how do we bring connectivity to the townships and villages?

The Public Sector ICT Forum’s ‘Smart Cities, Townships and Villages’ session will provide you with the answers to these questions. By attending, you’ll hear how we can take strides to transform SA’s urban and rural areas to improve the lives of our citizens.

Attendance is free, the only pre-requisite is that you must be a senior-level public sector ICT decision-maker, a CIO, GITO or DG/DDG focused on ICT strategy within your government department (national or provincial level) or at a parastatal.

The Public Sector ICT Forum provides a platform and opportunity for public sector ICT decision-makers to come together, engage and discuss key topics.

During this event, we will explore how to create a digital economy using smart technologies.

Key issues the event will address:

  • How to transition from smart cities to smart villages and townships
  • How we can drive home-grown digital solutions for smart cities, villages and townships
  • How to overcome the infrastructure challenges in rural areas
  • How to customise technologies to suite the unique South African needs


10 May 2019 - by Vineshia Petersen Smart tech, infrastructure lacking in villages, townships
Smart tech, infrastructure lacking in villages, townships

Immediate pressures such as providing running water and electricity supersede the need for smart solutions and technology infrastructure.

25 Apr 2019 - by Vineshia Petersen Connecting townships, villages with smart tech
Connecting townships, villages with smart tech

The Public Sector ICT Forum will examine how SA can develop and grow its villages and townships using smart city technology.

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