The Public Sector ICT Forum in partnership with MTN Business

The Public Sector ICT Forum was established in May 2016 and is focused on providing a platform and opportunity for public sector ICT decision-makers to come together to engage and discuss relevant and pertinent topics that are key to innovation in the public sector space.

Directed by a board of members, including representatives from GITOC and SITA, the Public Sector ICT Forum will focus on providing both online and event-based thought leadership and knowledge sharing platforms for the local community of ICT decision-makers. The aim is to give an opportunity for CIOs to listen to and engage with leading local and international speakers to provoke dialogue, spark ideas and generate concepts that can be taken back to the CIOs’ own areas of work. This is an informal community that encourages collaboration and thought in the name of improved service delivery.

Our objectives are to:

  • Create a membership-based forum for senior members of the public sector ICT community, where ideas can be sparked, best practices shared and issues of importance relevant to government’s current challenges discussed;
  • Invite top-level relevant speakers, potentially international, to provide insight and thought leadership into the topic under investigation;
  • Provide more informal networking opportunities to allow members to engage with each other (both at the events and online);
  • Craft an accompanying thought leadership publication that can be shared among the membership at the event, but also distributed to relevant non-attendees post-event with additional content; and
  • Establish an online point where members and other interested parties can find out more and engage with one another.

Let’s engage!