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// July 2006

Things that raised a chuckle


Asgisa`s plan: throw money around

Telecommunications services in South Africa are among the most expensive in the world. This has been shown by independent study after independent study. So what is government doing about it? Well, there`s Asgisa......

Amending the amendments


Where BEE meets SME

The role of entrepreneurship in BEE is a critical and pressing issue for business in South Africa. Is enough being done to bring the two together?...

The magic of Saigon


Don`t die too soon!

Go sightseeing in your own country, rather than traveling to Clifton Third Beach every year.....

Calling all chocoholics


A touch of Thai


Meeting Java`s man of ease

Canadian-born James Gosling, who created Java, isn`t done yet. He has some new ideas up his sleeve, which he punted at Sun`s Tech Days in Johannesburg recently....

When disaster strikes...

In a business era where data is king, a large number of companies are still treating disaster recovery and business continuity like a beggar – and it could come back to bite them....

How much ERP do you need?

Now that vendors have made ERP solutions to accommodate SMEs, it begs the question how much of the total package these businesses really need....

Who does what in PPPs?

Collaboration between public and private sector has been something of an enigma in the ICT sector – offering much promise, but often resulting in tenders being cancelled, responsibilities shifted, accountability questioned and fingers pointed. What`s be...

Always within reach


Workflow dawns on Home Affairs

The South African Department of Home Affairs has announced it will deploy one of the largest Novell GroupWise installations in the world, connecting international home affairs offices, border posts and local premises....

The architecture of participation

Pervasive and free broadband is a human right, not a privilege. Stafford Masie, MD of Novell SA...

Microsoft innovates its way into Africa


IBM Viper set to strike

IBM has turned to innovation in XML capability and security in its nascent Viper database server to bite back at competitors – but says compression is the real venom....

Banking on innovation


2010 panic takes hold

A glimpse at what is being done for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Germany struck terror into the hearts of those who`ll end up having to do the same – and more – right here for 2010. While Sentech now plays down the fear, the upside is that it panick...

From geek teen to search hotshot

How do you go from a geek schoolboy to head of a multi-million rand search optimisation company in under ten years?...


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