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// July 2007

Cast for success

Success in the global IT market is about building relationships and smart technology decisions. Two South Africans who`ve proved that in Europe plan to do it again in the US....

The healing starts

As the dust settles on the failed Telkom merger with Business Connexion, the telco is expected to focus on putting its house in order while Business Connexion licks its wounds and fends off rumoured suitors....

Technology and connectivity too expensive


Office software goes prepaid

Microsoft is offering a prepaid version of its 2007 Office suite to make the software accessible to anyone unable to afford it, including emerging businesses....

Mobile banking for the masses


Men on the run


The good, the bad and the ugly

Telecoms convergence is analogous to global warming: just as icebergs are melting, so too are technology silos disappearing into the ocean of a seamless unified existence....

South Africa ignoring corporate AIDS


A matter of when, not if

Global ICT companies are rapidly establishing a presence in South Africa, but few are from Asia, let alone India. This will change over time....

Why cheer another regulatory fiasco?

Trust a government to make the wrong decisions at the wrong time, every time....

Broadening the base

In the early days, computers were so expensive that they were out of the reach of all but the very largest organisations – and then came DEC....

IT for SMEs timeline


Small companies, big requirements

SMEs may be small in revenue or staff complement, but their IT requirements are equal to those of their larger counterparts. The challenge emerges when matching SME-sized budgets to enterprise-sized requirements....

Making technology work


Local accounting software evolution

When building maintenance company Domayne Engineering needed to update its accounting system, it decided to go local....

Implement BPM sooner, not later


Gluing the business to IT

Fans of BPM claim it is the answer to two long-standing IT issues: breaking down business silos and uniting IT and business. Is there any truth to this?...

BPM / workflow timeline


It`s chow time!

Microsoft`s move into the enterprise security space sounds a warning bell that it`s all-out war for the security crown. As expected, the larger enterprise security vendors aren`t too charmed – but they`re not worried either....

Continuing down the comeback trail

Dimension Data has restored some of the shine that surrounded it during the technology boom of the late 1990s....


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