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// July 2007

WiMax now available in SA

The long awaited WiMax wireless broadband technology is now available in South Africa – from Telkom....

Flash storage soon in notebooks

Market rumours point towards new notebook storage methodologies, using flash as either a cache or primary storage....

Big Brother is listening

Cutting costs at every opportunity is high on a business` agenda. The abuse of the office phone is fast becoming one of the biggest expenses....

You can`t go it alone

Microsoft is advocating what it calls a “smarter retailing initiative” which it hopes will maximise the $7 billion it spends on retail software research and development each year....

The CIO`s uncle

South African CIOs have a new shoulder to cry on at research firm Gartner, but it`s a younger one than they are used to....

Sita slows open source adoption

Sita has taken 18 months to sign contracts with the eight suppliers appointed to provide desktop Linux solutions to government. Is the little faith it managed to restore in itself slowly being eroded?...

Cutting down the paper trail

Short-term insurance brokers are notorious for producing reams of paper-based documents when drafting policies on behalf of clients. Tracking and managing policies and claims is an even greater challenge....

High growth at the low end

Emerging markets are the new growth area for the cellular industry as it looks to add another billion subscribers. South Africa`s own MTN is an emerging market player and is hot to trot....

Simple reporting

Berco Express recently rolled out a local software tool in a bid to improve its speed and ease of financial reporting....

Cyber-baddies make hay as CIOs snooze

Old-style firewalls and anti-virus solutions are woefully inadequate for the new generation of security threats. Few companies are securing their crown jewels, let alone grabbing the business opportunities that good security....

Long wait for WiMax almost over

Companies planning to deploy WiMax should be on the lookout for regulations byIcasa outlining how it plans to allocate spectrum....

Hindrance or aid to local broadband?

The reason government has not been able to manage and channel the growth and sustainability of the local ICT industry is due to the bureaucracy it brings with it....

Top gurus at local security summit


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The rivalry continues, tension escalates

The rivalry between Oracle and SAP is a phenomenon that has escalated over the past few years. Now matters have taken a turn for the worse....

Copyright capers

Two issues concerning copyright are about to come to a head. Both results will be good for the internet economy....

Technology to better serve citizens

Anyone who has spent hours waiting in a queue in a government building will appreciate the difference that technology could make to their lives....

The brilliance of Alec Erwin

Ever stared at a problem so long you just know the simple answer is right there, but you just can`t see it? That`s why we have politicians. To be brilliant for us dumb schmucks....

That thing called ‘uptime`

Uptime is king in the new media game, where downtime is lethal and competition fierce. A new Cape-based media company has put all of its eggs in one hoster`s basket and is smiling all the way....

A 99 percent minimum

In the web hosting game, service and uptime are the only things that count....


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