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// July 2007

A week of Technology

The annual Gitex technology conference in Dubai was a hive of activity. On display was the usual array of gadgets, new technologies and shows....

Real maturity, real benefits

The JCSE is running several pilot projects for a variety of companies with the aim of showing that South Africa can demonstrably benefit from CMMI....

Behind closed doors

Telkom`s plan to sell parts of its business to MTN and Vodafone is unclear and unsubstantiated. Brainstorm  looks at a number of potential scenarios should Telkom have its way....

An entrepreneurial flair

Local ISP Web Africa opened its doors in 1997 when its founder was still at school. It has acquired roughly 20 000 subscribers since then and is now spreading its wings, figuratively and literally....

Bullish outlook for DigiCore

The DigiCore board has made some positive comments about its prospects for the next few years. Considering the group`s history, this is significant....

On the Spot: Disruptive Technology

In this month`s On the Spot, Brainstorm delved into crystal ball realms and asked what technology will most disrupt conventional thinking, processes and infrastructures in the next three years....

New-age colonialist

MTN`s desire to capture Africa has no limits, but there are questions about whether or not it will succeed....

SOA flexible, like Lego

SOA has been heavily hyped in recent years. It has also attracted a lot of interest from global IT departments. What lies behind the marketing and what can SOA really deliver?...

With a little imagination

Students from around the world have demonstrated what true innovation is all about....

The server comes home

Home users with a need to connect several computers and other devices have yet another option in the form of Microsoft`s Windows Home Server....

Some serious horsepower


Venture capital dances, IP flourishes


To the Middle East and beyond

Quintica has become all things to all people in the local and global service management space. And nobody is holding it back either....

The consumerisation conundrum

The consumerisation of IT may be big news, but it`s also creating confusion. How can business and IT departments benefit?...

Is orange the colour of the revolution?

If there is one thing the local telecoms consumer is accustomed to, it`s waiting. But iBurst is about to move things into overdrive....

Taking banking offline

Net1 is using offline smartcard technology to bring banking services to emerging economies. The firm credits its financial success to constant uptime and online availability of its Stratus IT systems....

Government ICT delivery speeds up

A storm has started to brew as political infighting gains momentum; the individuals tasked with automating the deployment of government services need to get a move on....

From bedroom to boardroom

Specialising in the support of local SME IT systems, Netsurit has grown exponentially in the last seven years. Now it`s taking some of its service offerings and expertise overseas....

Taking aim at the services game

With the global market maturing and customer demands changing, Nokia is changing tack and moving aggressively into the online services game....

Mobility manages multiplicity

Sybase is riding the mobile application wave and looks set to offer customers more bang for their buck....


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