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// July 2007

New Technologies that excite geeks


Young conquistadors

The i5 Group`s specialisation in customised CRM, intranets, portals and call centres has secured it a prime position as a niche specialist....

Text your next nurse

Cyber Nurse may be South Africa`s first public and private hospital web-based nursing agency, but could it alleviate the country`s nursing staff crisis?...

How long is a piece of string?


Getting the thumbs-down

The majority of local experts invited to comment on OpenXML`s ISO standardisation voted against it. Is this the end of the file format?...

Follow the dynamic brick road

The next few years will see Microsoft develop some interesting functionality for its Dynamics NAV and AX range of products. Local SME solutions are also on the way....

Bush broadcast

Few people get the unique opportunity to spend time in the South African bush. The Sabi Sands reserve is bringing every sight and sound to a global audience....

At the coalface of cyber crime

Put the law, technology and a globe-trotting lifestyle in security consulting together and you have Ian Melamed. But what makes him tick?...

Training in technology

As the industry laments the current ICT skills shortage, Torque IT is giving hope to the unemployed....

The weakest (cellular) link


Sita CEO still unnamed


Sars upgrade eases the pain


Will the Chinese arrive en masse?

Most of us are well aware of the tremendous impact China is having on today`s global economy. The world of ICT is no exception....

The great telecoms scandal

He may have outgrown a fear of things that go bump in the night, but shenanigans in the local telecoms sector still keep Jacques du Toit awake....

Run away! Run away!

Microsoft can`t risk another frontal assault. That licence is dynamite!...

From Web 2.0 to DIY web

It`s been hyped to the ends of the earth, but as Web 2.0 has matured, it has given rise to mass participation on the edges of the internet....

Poison Ivy and Stockholm Syndrome

There are finally signs that the long frozen telecoms sector is thawing. Now everyone`s thanking the government. That`s twisted....

The super man

Designing, building and delivering the fastest computer in the world is a challenge. To do it consistently for three decades takes someone like Seymour Cray....

Wrestling the storage animal

Increasing data volumes, changing storage technologies, regulation, legislation and day-to-day operations have turned the storage arena into a battleground for overall control. And the war isn`t close to being over....

On the Spot: BI



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