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// June 2007

Wiki-man keeps walking

Jimmy Wales is most famous for founding Wikipedia. But before this philanthropic undertaking, he was all about the business....

The spirit will go on

The availability of mobile VOIP has operators on edge. Assuming Cape-based Yeigo sorts out its teething problems, it could really shake things up....

No service, no comment

IBM and Cisco merged maintenance services and announced in March that the new team would introduce "ground-breaking crises management services" - but not in South Africa....

Moving up a level


It`s make or break time

Amid international criticism for the group as a whole, T-Systems South Africa has risen as a profit centre for the company, providing expertise to customers globally....

InfraCo a good thing - Pandey

Neotel managing director Ajay Pandey believes the introduction of state-owned telecoms operator InfraCo is not necessarily bad news for Neotel....

ITIL receives a makeover


In the doldrums?


The dual economy and associated challenges

As a community, we`re really not that smart. We crowd into common spaces, travel alone and fight over the same spoils. What have we really learned over the years?...

High impact, low profile

Avaya is a highly successful player in the ICT convergence sector. Yet, as a company, it has a very low profile....

Harvard tells RIAA to get lost

When it comes to digital copyright, a senior professor at Harvard Law School has shown that he “gets it”....

From machine code to software industry

Early computers were adjusted by hand to produce the results their makers wanted. The development of Cobol and Fortran showed that computers could be programmed to write code. Although programming became easier, its real challenges would only be learned t...

Wits, we have a problem


No longer just good practice

Disaster recovery and business continuity have been something of a grudge spend, frequently badly implemented at all. The worldwide move toward good governance and holistic risk management is changing this trend....

Hype versus reality


Disaster recovery/business continuity timeline


An acquired taste

Business intelligence is maturing very quickly. Signs include consolidation, wider appeal to SMEs and more user friendly....

Icasa`s trial by fire

Remember when Telkom asked the regulator whether IP was a basic service, and when it replied nine months later, Telkom took it to court for not having jurisdiction in the matter? Well, here`s the sequel....

Vox populis

While Neotel slowly gears up to join the other behemoths in the telecoms industry – the legally protected cartel of giants that provide voice services – the smaller second tier isn`t just quietly watching....

When free is not really free

Microsoft`s offer for a ‘free` Vista upgrade isn`t free at all....


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