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// July 2007

Leasing no disposal quick-fix


Government weaves a tangled web

Despite a lack of skills, conflicting egos and agendas, and systems that don't talk to each other, public sector IT has never looked healthier. With some strategy, it could resolve serious socio-economic issues....

Documented common sense

Efficiently managing IT assets can save IT departments time, resources, and, most importantly, money. Why then isn`t ITAM being adopted at high speed?...

Cash is king

Spoor & Fisher went the rental financing option for its IT expenditure, giving it one financing deal, multiple vendors and predictable cash flow....

Another ‘e` emerges


Not the usual suspects

Centurion-based LGR Telecoms is up against the global big boys of telecommunications – and beating them....

Reminders of global competition

The connected society is good for cellular consumers, but bad for network security....

IT skills shortage choking SA business

The local IT industry continues to play the blame game while the skills shortage gathers momentum. ...

Shifting the focus

Intel got so good at building processors that the coding world fell behind. Now the company is investing in new software tools that will allow coders to catch up. Will this move be accepted?...

More broadband in the works

The Department of Communications, in conjunction with the Department of Public Enterprise, has announced a planned west coast submarine cable project to provide increased broadband connectivity for South Africa....

Going on Safari

Could Apple be starting a war or is there something more to its release of a new web browser into a relatively mature Windows environment?...

Blade servers break out

The popular blade server platform is getting smaller, cooler and more efficient, so much so that blades are now suitable for small business....

There is a better way

A number of organisations in the financial sector are struggling to successfully adopt BI solutions. PBT Group has a solution, but it`s going to take some convincing....

The all-singing, all-dancing meerkat

Vodacom is on the move. The cellular market is saturated, at least as far as voice is concerned. So the company is aiming to enter “every bit of telecom space”, in whatever way presents itself....

Swaying with the punches

Vodacom has renewed its prepaid customer call centre contract with Merchants for an additional three years. Vodacom has also expanded its service partnership with Merchants....

Success unsung

With more than 10 000 users of its locally developed software in South Africa, Egis Software has experienced steady growth. The company has won government and financial sector contracts as regulatory and auditing compliance become increasingly import...

Small business with big clout

Seven years ago, Running Computers ‘resigned` 98 percent of its customers and downsized. Today, the business is more profitable than it`s been in years....

Playing god in the virtual world

Cory Ondrejka is chief technilogy officer of Linden Labs and creator of the virtual online phenomenon known as Second Life. It all started with a simple idea......

Objecting to government`s OSS policy

Microsoft has finally come out and publicly voiced its opinion on government`s open source software policy – and it`s not happy....

Investing in Africa over time

Creating the right climate for investment, technological and otherwise, is still a big issue in Africa....


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