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// July 2007

Who can turn on the lights?

With more sunshine than any other place on the planet, Africa should be leading the way in solar energy provision and development....

More than just a contact centre

Although contact centres across the globe are viewed as a necessity by most corporates, some are failing to optimise these resources as they attempt to maximise returns....

New addition to the menu

The limitations of Linux forced Nando`s to re-evaluate the role IT plays within the organisation....

Things that raised a chuckle


Computing on the surface

Microsoft`s surface computer has interesting prospects for the future of interaction, but it could go the same way as other touch-sensitive devices....

New muscle chip emerges


Schoolyard bullies shake on it

Fujitsu-Siemens and Sun Microsystems have co-developed a range of Sparc servers. The two might be pals in the R&D classroom, but there`s an intense rivalry on the school ground...

Command and control fanatic

Running a $30 billion networking company with 55 000 employees is not too dissimilar to running a small country. So, what makes Cisco CEO and chairman John Chambers tick?...

Tit-for-tat spat continues

Can AMD undo the market share and share price declines it has experienced over the past year or is Intel preparing to finally steam ahead?...

Brite young things

Four Dimension Data companies have been consolidated under a new name. Although they have each retained their individual brand names, this may change over time....

Opening up, changing business

SAP highlighted a new open standards approach at its annual EMEA conference SAPPHIRE, held in Vienna recently....

High-speed ERP

Afgri`s Producer Services division implemented a home-grown ERP solution to manage its vastly expanded enterprise in record time....

The lean forward experience

Adobe`s Bob Donlon was in South Africa last month to show off some of the company`s new video-editing tools, and talk about the future of Flash, television and the internet....

T-Systems goes to 30 percent

T-Systems has increased its BEE shareholding and taken on a new partner....

Where others fear to tread


Security ins and outs emerge


How slow can you go?

The departure of Jonas Bogoshi from the State IT Agency (Sita) and its slowpoke approach to appointing a new CEO is viewed as a recipe for disaster....

Government pulls up its IT socks


The curse of the monitor

Every two decades or so, a new computing platform appears. And every time, it's the same old story: what starts as simple system monitor software that makes the machine easier to use soon becomes a monster operating system that sucks all the life-force fr...

Connect us to the past

This wasn`t intended as a column extolling the virtues of reading history. Yet if only Poison Ivy would do so, she might actually “connect us to the future”, to use her words....


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