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// June 2007

Not the way to attain standardisation

Microsoft is pushing the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to approve OpenXML as a standard. The open source market is obviously opposed....

Workspace secrets

In a brave new world of smart cars, smart phones, smart shopping trolleys and smart cards, the smart office was bound to follow....

Material innovation

Chipmakers recognise transistor gate leakages as one of the most formidable technical challenges facing Moore`s Law, but Intel says it`s made a plan. ...

Into the arms of success

Initial scepticism from others has driven Motorola`s regional sales manager Stephany Ogbonmwan to succeed in a tough business world....

Technology extends a lifeline

International SOS relies on information technology to continue providing smart and efficient rescue and evacuation services to its members around the world....

Security is as security does

The headache of optimising IT security is easily solved by making it someone else`s problem....

No place like home

Mondial`s management team describes itself as incurable African optimists. They say South Africa is a spectacular place to be....

Innovation SIMply pays off

Locally developed technology is making inroads globally. Tellumat is not only a trusted supplier of systems to local and international defence forces, but is making waves in the communications and manufacturing spaces too. ...

A question of standards

The DTI is trying to stimulate the software development community in South Africa. A few projects are already off the ground....

Public VOIP phones to hit the streets


Playing the waiting game


No going back


Arivia.kom now up for grabs


Africa`s dialogue on information ethics


Use technology to alleviate poverty


On the chopping block?

Unisys has gone from being number two to IBM in terms of revenue to becoming a potentially cheap acquisition target. Where did it all go wrong?...

Real maturity beckons

Is cellular a mature industry in this country? Thanks to consistent growth, the cellphone carriers might think they`re mature companies, but they aren`t really....

It`s not just the iPhone, stupid

The big problem with technology is that products are designed by technologists, but this is where Apple and Steve Jobs have got it right: its products are designed for people, making them inherently more desirable. And now they`re taking it to the next le...

Go on, outsource it all


Out of Arm`s way

Unlike many other home microcomputers of the ‘80s, the legacy of Acorn Computers is still with us: an ARM CPU sitting in most modern gadgets you`d care to name....


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