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// November 2007

The quad-core battle rages on

With the release of its next-generation quad-core Opteron server processors, codenamed Barcelona, AMD is hoping to regain market share lost to Intel`s Xeon offerings....

Taking blades to the mid-market

HP and IBM have announced new blade infrastructure offerings that claim to make the technology more accessible – ideal for SMBs, they say....

Life hacks, personal productivity and the quest for Inbox Zero


Talent spotting in the Cape

Picking a winner among IT debutantes is tough. Not since Jake White met Luke Watson has it been so hard to decide if someone is the real McCoy....

Not just a game

Computer and console games have grown to become the single largest grossing entity in entertainment. They`re bigger than movies and music, and if you haven`t paid gaming any attention before, now is the time....

Double adapter

Already grappling with a shortage of critical skills, South African employers increasingly have to change the way they do things to meet the demands of a new generation of skilled workers. An EOH company is rising to the challenge....

Hot air, no lift-off

Peter Pedlar`s dreams of grandeur are quashed by Sita`s decision to whitewash the seat he was keeping warm....

Gaming for your country


Who`s next on the BI acquisition trail?

The BI and BPM sectors of the IT industry have seen significant consolidations over the past few months. And there is more to come....

Thoroughly absorbent two-ply reports

Judging from the recent nutty steamers coming out of Gartner, the firm must be trying to put the anal back into analysis....

It`s a mashed-up world

Web 3.0... here we go again....

Music turned on its head

Ever since peer-to-peer music downloads became popular, the music industry has been in a deep crisis. Now comes the denouement....

Food on the table – the rise of business software

Soon after it was recognised as an industry in its own right, software would be co-opted by businesses and individuals to help them work faster and smarter....

Stalking the landscape

Huge volumes of transactional information and a formidable competitor in Microsoft are both a threat and an opportunity for business intelligence vendors. How will they cope?...

SOA, why bother?


Road to nowhere

South Africa`s municipalities are looking to go digital, rolling out broadband networks and providing e-services to citizens. They will achieve this, the minute Icasa gets itself organised....

Not just nice to have

Business intelligence is on the verge of both top-down and bottom-up waves in adoption....

Metropolis unwired


Matrix moves to SOA

Matrix vehicle tracking is in the process of moving from accidental architecture to a service-oriented architecture....

Connectivity around the world



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