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// July 2008

Straight from the horse`s mouth

Pimping horses and gliding through the sky may not be run-of-the-mill leisure pursuits, but they do keep a man occupied....

Dissension betwixt the peers

Poison Ivy appears to have scant regard for comment in the media, advice from business leaders or pressure from think tanks and foreign institutions. Perhaps a review by one of her peers might change that....

Soweto rising

Mirriam Zwane is no stranger to hardship; now she has returned to her roots to help others take a step up in the world....

Renaissance man

Imagine a professional and personal journey that takes you around the world and into the exploration of outer space. This is the life of Microsoft Africa chairman Cheick Diarra, who works to help Africans reach their full potential....

Lean, green and somewhat mean

What`s green, light and not likely to see much use in South Africa because we don`t have sufficient bandwidth? HP seems to have the answer....

Good, better, best?

SecureData s on a mission to become great. Brainstorm talks to COO Brett Parker about his plans....

Chin-waggers to thumb spenders

The nation`s thumb warriors are being tempted with ever more juicy m-commerce offerings. Bless the application developers; these people can be your market too....

Black diamonds

Lefatshe may be rustling up the industry, but its CEO, Noedine Isaacs-Mpulo, would rather over-deliver quietly than shout its successes from the rooftops....

Right place, right time

In 1982, IBM towered over the global IT industry and generated more revenue than all the rest put together. Microsoft wasn`t even on the radar. Today, by market value, Microsoft is the seventh largest company in the world, according to Forbes....

South Africa a unique market

According to Gartner`s William Hahn, South Africa is not going to follow any predictable models in its telecoms market development....

SA`s murky telecoms vision


On the spot - Storage

The storage conundrum continues - too much data, and too little space, or not? ...

Caveat emptor

Renting or financing IT assets can be an attractive alternative to cash expenditure, provided it`s done correctly....

Attention to detail is key

When it comes to rentals, attention to detail is required, says Gartner, to continually question figures and compare different payment and delivery models....

Architecting the future enterprise

SA is leading the pack in terms of architects qualified to design agile enterprises. It's just the maturity and implementation details that are a challenge....

Heir to the throne

As Vodacom CEO Alan Knott-Craig prepares for his 2009 exit, Brainstorm reveals why COO Pieter Uys is the logical contender for the top spot....

Digital pitchforks and torches

Mob justice online is - and always has been - remarkably effective....

Modern-day version of the factory

People are becoming increasingly frustrated with contact centres, but Brett Butler thinks he`s found a way to improve the overall experience....

Does this make me look fat?

Apple has introduced the world`s thinnest notebook: the new MacBook air...

Out of the incubator

Black-owned SMME Adapt-IT has grown, merged and emerged as Adapt IT Holdings, all in four short years....


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