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// July 2008

The more things change...

Google turns ten this year, and made its oldest index available for searching in honour of the occasion....

Making banking sexy (again)

Remember when banking was cool? It`s time to spice things up again. ...

The talented  Ms Kaye

Emma Kaye found a niche of such radical fusion that it helped create a new generation of mobile entertainment in Africa. ...

Things that raised a chuckle


Saucy San Fran

San Francisco is a collection of small villages, a city of parts, with picturesque skylines and architectural gems. ...

New technologies that excite the geeks


Free-spirited explorer

Free and confident are just two words that describe Steven Cohen. His love for technology is what sparked his move to create one of the country`s foremost software companies. ...

Anti-virus about-face

The anti-virus software market is about to change: Symantec has unveiled its new Norton 2009 consumer anti-virus suite - and it`s very different. ...

Innovation may undermine authority

Emerging technologies could make IS easier to build and consume analytical applications, says Gartner. ...

Payment power to the cellphone

The cellphone can now really do everything, as local mobile payment service companies draw the battle lines. ...

Dark side of the mobile workforce

Thanks to technology, work has become something we do and not a place we go. ...

Dell's dilemma

Dell has a reptutation for operational efficiency and an enviable sales strategy. Now it must change. ...

From soft touch to touchstone.

The Shuttleworth Foundation has realised that throwing money at a problem doesn`t make it go away. ...

Dell`s dilemma

Dell has a reputation for operational efficiency and an enviable sales strategy. Now it must change....

Brave new world

On 20 July 1969, the world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made the historical moon landing. This was seen as the crowning achievement of humankind`s sense of adventure and desire to explore. ...

A question of strategy

Government`s BPO dreams have fallen flat before they even got off the ground. Where next for the local call centre and BPO market? ...

Mr WordPress

Matt Mullenweg is doing what he loves and loving what he does. With the belief that blogging is way too hard, he created a cult brand with a self-publishing solution that's free and simple to use. ...

Backing the right horse

Confusion and uncertainty abound at Microsoft these days, but i5 is milking the software giant's CRM offering for all it's worth. ...

What`s the point?


Nothing more than a Fantas-y

Corruption-buster Fantas Mobu`s departure from Sita left it rather off-balance....


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