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// July 2008

Faith in popcorn

Her job is to get more people into movie theatres; her competitive edge is technology. Has Ster-Kinekor`s Elizabeth Lee Ming made it work?...

Unravelling the ILM mystery

ILM means different things to different organisations, in typical IT industry fashion. Brainstorm looks beyond the hype and the acronyms to reveal the real ILM....

Dawn of telecoms reality

Could 2008 be the year that South Africa's telecoms sector fulfils its potential? Brainstorm takes a look at the key issues that have arisen in the first six months of the year....

Closing the fruit salad loop

Bakkavör has gone from DOS and paper to fully-fledged ERP to manage its fruit salad production process....

Virtualise now! Or not.

Virtualisation is all the rage and vendors have all hopped on the `reduce your power consumption` bandwagon. Somewhere between the hype and the hope lies a reality that isn`t all savings and sweetness....

On the Spot - Managed Services

In this month's On the Spot feature, we asked local experts why South African companies should opt for a managed service as opposed to outsourcing. Or are they the same thing?...

Building on quicksand

Many years ago, when Terry White was a fresh-faced IT manager, he discovered that most of his associates were still wet behind the ears....

Jobs Inc.

Steve Jobs` driving will, magnetic charisma and sense of style has seen him preside over the rise and fall, and rise again, of Apple....

Information remains critical

The question of classifying information that has relative value is a tricky one. Here, Gartner offers its methodology....

How Telkom lost the plot

Few companies will ever have the advantages that were handed to Telkom on a silver platter. Why does the fixed-line operator find itself in such dire straights?...

The Linux wars

Does Linux suffer because of its many flavours? Would it benefit from a single reference specification, or would that kill innovation, limit choice and cause violent bloodshed?...

Abusing office equipment

Up to 80 percent of employees across South Africa misuse their company`s office automation equipment on a daily basis. Holger Groenert knows how to counter the spiralling costs of abuse....

The internet is not TV

Media companies don`t like it when people share videos. Tough!...

Is this the real deal?

The discussions between MTN and Bharti Airtel, although abandoned, stirred up global interest in MTN. Paul Booth suspects this was the original intention....

Ed`s Note


When disaster surges

What do rising prices and uncertain power supplies mean for business continuity and disaster recovery? More factors for companies to juggle, that`s what....

CIO Roundtable: Managed services a solution to the skills shortage

In Brainstorm`s third by-invitation-only CIO roundtable, participants discussed the IT skills shortage, including the role of managed services to alleviate the strain....

TomTom loses its way

The much-loved TomTom GPS navigation device may find itself without a local distributor in South Africa following Core Group`s decision to end its relationship with the Dutch company....

The great cellular rip-off


New home, new name



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