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// July 2008

Holding out for more growth

Datatec`s recent spate of acquisitions and organic growth have spurred the company on to report strong financials. But a global slowdown could burst the Datatec bubble prematurely....

Hackers go hands-free

Security professionals agree that mobile devices are set to become the battlefront for the next generation of hackers....

The art of living dangerously

Matthew Tagg feels that taking part in extreme sports makes him live life to the fullest....

Econ 101, revision 9001

Help! This column has been strangled by a noxious weed. But then, the telecoms and broadcasting sectors are covered in Poison Ivy rash too....

Old dogs, no new tricks

Developing new software may be a costly exercise, but using legacy software in certain new environments may actually do the trick....

The first black club

Mncedisi Mayekiso is no stranger to standing out in a crowd. It is his determination to make the most of every situation that has brought him success....

Forking out on Facebook

Sponsoring a group on Facebook will set you back $100 000 per month, with a minimum three-month commitment. Why would you consider spending that? Sixty million users, is the short answer....

A walk in the cloud

Google, Yahoo, IBM and Microsoft have ommitted to cloud computing. But what makes this different to offerings such as thin client computing and software as a service? We venture into the cloud to find out....

The arbiters of antitrust

The history of computing is a history of the triumph of market economics and capitalist innovation....

On the Spot- Security

While hackers and others intent on breaching corporate IT security perimeters get smarter, the good guys fight to tighten things up. ...

Information kills

In the business intelligence sphere, disruption is the name of the game, from business models to competition....

BI growth continues

Growth in the business intelligence sector continues despite consolidation and a general market slowdown....

Ask me anything

Plain English query tools are creating a stir in the local BI user market....

From predator to prey

It`s often surprising how a dominant player in the IT space can go from being the predator to being the prey. Open Text has the potential to be one such example....

The (really) good guys

Security professionals todays are selling exploits on the open market, using their skills for the poor and breaking into WiFi networks. Paul Furber sat down with the world's top exponents. ...

Proficiency versus quality on paper

Understanding and determining your ink and laser printing requirements is not as straightforward as before. Thierry Boulanger dispenses some sound advice....

Apocalypse Now - Redux

The meltdown in the US housing market spells big trouble for the technology market....

The aftermath

Much has been said about the challenges faced by BCX over the past year. Now it`s time to focus on the future....

The uphill struggle continues

Icasa may no longer be mired in unconstructive scandals that saw the regulator slammed for being incompetent, but it still faces some tough times ahead....

Subverting the file format war

April Fool's Day started with a bang this year, with news that the international organisation (ISO) had approved Microsoft's OOXML document format; but it wasn't a joke....


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