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// July 2008

Making an online buck or two

Fuelled by local broadband adoption, online sales figures suggest that there is much room for growth in the online retail industry....

Indian miners

In a world increasingly driven by IT, only companies able to prospect for rich IT skills will survive....

Wireless on the up

According to Gartner`s Wireless LAN Magic Quadrant, virtually all the companies profiled are growing. Good news for vendors at least....

Weaving a digital web

Digital Planet is a true virtual company, or a virtually real company. Either way, its network is what keeps it in business....

Money in, service out. Right?

Millions have been spent on CRM systems in South Africa in recent years, but customer service is still, mostly, non-existent. What gives?...

Making the net work


Against all odds

It takes monumental strength of character o pull yourself out of oppression and poverty, but it can be done....

Better, stronger, faster. Good or bad?

As ERP systems include more features that used to cost money as separate add-ons, it will increase the pressure on both them and their partners to grow. Some will not survive....

Cutting out complexity

Internet Solutions has overhauled its CRM system in a bid to provide superior service to customers....

Young Pollyanna Knott-Craig

Few things are as annoying in the face of a crisis as a positive-thinking, hyper-motivated guy in a suit. But it raises questions too....

Work/life balance: who`ll make the first bold move?

Mobility means we can take our work with us wherever we go - home, to the office, to the beach. It also means the line between work and family is blurring....

A mobile revolution

The adoption levels of mobile devices have escalated to the extent that the humble cellphone will soon be the ultimate GIS platform....

Music labels feel the pinch

The bad news is that the recorded music industry had a poor 2007. The good news is that it will get much worse....

Telco raiders on the way

They may not be giants, but they have money and a great interest in Africa....

Alone in the dark

South Africa`s power crisis promises to have significant long-term impact. In the short term, however, everyone is scrambling just to keep the lights on....

Mobile moment of relevance

Google believes it has proven that online is the most effective and measurable marketing platform. Local country manager Stafford Masie finally talks to Brainstorm....

A monster on every desktop

The workstations of yesteryear are the ordinary desktops of today and few manufacturers survive....

Specialised knowledge is power

When other IT consultancies focused on the manufacturing sector, Izazi pinned its hopes on financial services. That gamble is now paying off....

Eight-legged beastie

AMD`s new Spider platform is a final attempt to take back some of the consumer market share it lost to Intel over the past year. Is AMD back from the ashes?...

Rent, boy!

Asset rentals. Big business has been doing it for for years, but local SMEs are still doing reluctant to rent, preferring to own their own technology....


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