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// July 2008

A costly gold mine

South Africa`s move from an analogue to a digital terrestrial broadcasting platform will cost the country billions of rand, with government, broadcasters and even consumers having to shell out large amounts of cash in the process....

Power to the people

Social media is subverting business power by giving every man and woman a voice....

The CIO`s changing landscape

Just as the ICT environment stabilises from the convergence of voice and data, a new convergence phenomenon emerges: the convergence of business and ICT....

Drowning in calamity

When an esteemed business leader, professor and former judge glibly repeats prophecies of environmental doom, boards should sit up and ignore them....

In defence of techies

Unlike most of the business world, technologists don`t try to deny reality....

Next step: take over the world?

Aside from becoming the worldwide number-one cellular phone provider, Nokia has quietly grown to become one of the giants of the ICT industry....

Where to now, Sentech?

It`s anyone`s guess when Sentech will find its feet. And it`s due to broadcast two of the country`s most important sporting events....

Home Affairs turnaround delayed again

Government and the Auditor-General`s office continue to drag their feet on an investigation announced by the Minister of Home Affairs into the `Who Am I Online` project....

Down for a day!

The recent massive system shutdown at the JSE illustrates that no disaster recovery plan is foolproof....

Desperately seeking company

Virgin Mobile has not only found its feet in the South African mobile market, but now it wants competition in the virtual operator space....

Thinking inside the box

It`s not every day that part of a company`s business model focuses on giving back to the community. But ZOK Cellular has empowering previously disadvantaged people and areas down to an art....

Never looking back

Poppy Tshabalala loves meeting challenges head-on. Her life story is the perfect example of sheer determination....

The CIO is redundant

The CIO of the future will more than likely be the CEO of the future. That`s if Gartner`s Pete Janse van Vuuren is to be believed. ...

Symphony of possibility

Ben Zander, acclaimed conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, professor at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music, and celebrated speaker and author, heads to South Africa to teach local leaders about the art of possibility....

Content kings

Content, particularly business content, is king at the SABC, which has just rolled out an SAP ERP solution....

Portable partnership

Demand for simple-to-use mobile applications has resulted in unique partnerships, the most recent of which is between smartphone manufacturer Research In Motion and software vendor SAP....

The digital dream kid

Could Zibusiso Mkhwanazi become the man who may just reinvent South Africa`s digital marketing?...

Big little wars


Big ticket technology

For years , IT vendors have tried - and usually failed - to make inroads into the SME market. What gives?...

The trainer`s dilemma

Poaching is a good short-term solution to skills shortages, but bad in the long term. Can South Africa break out of the head-hunting and job-hopping spiral?...


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