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// July 2008

Competition for Africa

Pay-TV provider MultiChoice is facing a growing challenge both within South Africa and beyond its borders....

Broadband for all

With attention being paid to broadband projects in major centres, not much is being said about rural areas, where access to information is just as important....

ISPs to undergo drastic changes

After many years of promises and disappointments, the South African telecoms market is ready for real competition, says Laurie Fialkov....

On the Spot: Web hosting

In this month's On the Spot feature, we asked local organisations how strategic web hosting is to them in the era of web 2.0 and why?...

Coming to a head

Storage issues will come to a head for many companies in 2008, no matter their size. Whether they cope depends on what they do now....

Crapmate PC is more of the same

Intel`s reaction to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has been typical: ignore it, laugh at it, then fight it....

Body behind keyboard error

The old saying that 'information technology would be perfect if it weren't for end-users' rears its head again as IT departments attempt to secure devices in the era of distributed networks....

The things that raised a chuckle


Movement at last?

Despite all the hype, VOIP has been slow to take off locally and providers are still making losses. That said, things are moving, if not visibly so....

Real cloud computing

Forget the hype around web services; some companies are quietly getting on with the business of making money out of them....

Specialised knowledge is power

When other IT consultancies focused on the manufacturing sector, Izazi pinned its hopes on financial services. That gamble is now paying off....

Google Grid goes global


Technology`s hint of green

Chip manufacturer Intel has pledged its commitment to lowering power consumption in the IT industry and saving the environment....

In your inbox


Getting a handle on telephony

Mindset Network is reaping the flexibility, remote functionality and billing benefits of its new VOIP solution....

A surface in your briefcase

Microsoft`s Surface computing platform has caused quite a stir from a technology perspective. It is able to not only work as a touch-sensitive monitor, but also recognise devices placed on it, opening computing services based on that recognition....

Banking on the channel


Getting personal again

Much has been said about the proliferation of personal devices in corporates, but not enough has been said about the negative implications....

So far, so good


Home Affairs beefs up



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