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// June 2008

Crying foul


ANC to sideline ICT?

The local political landscape has taken a turn and, with this it seems, changes are afoot for the ICT industry....

The French are marching south

Recent moves by France Telecom in Africa suggest that the company is intent on establishing a major presence in this part of the world....

Squelching to court through a quagmire

In the heavily prescriptive television industry, one has to admire the effort Icasa puts into its regulations. It can`t be easy. But one sometimes wonders: why, oh why?...

A PC on every desk and in every home

Last month, we covered the advent of the personal computer. This month, we pick up the tale at the point where the PC moved out of the hobbyist realm and became a serious business tool....

Guidelines now, law in the future

Energy savings and emissions control guidelines might be optional in South Africa at the moment, but not for long. Information technology needs to get ready for it now....

For better protection

Local banks aren`t sitting around waiting for phishing attacks to happen. They`re going after the source....

Leopard raises the bar

Apple`s latest version of the OS X operating system for Mac personal computers claims to introduce new innovations that raise the bar on the OS market....

Unified vision


Telecoms the saviour

The cost of bandwidth in Africa poses a barrier to the continent`s effective participation in international trade and the knowledge economy, while limiting local markets and education....

Floating for inspiration


Open source not all bad – Microsoft

Microsoft`s open source strategy seems diametrically opposed to the company`s actions against Linux. Why can`t Microsoft be pro open source on the one hand and anti-Linux on the other?...

On the shoulders of giants

A fresh approach to IT support, the entrepreneurial spirit of retailer Woolworths and a hunger for success were the right ingredients for the continued success of BEE company Reagola....

Not business as usual

SAS South Africa has a new country manager. He`s determined to move the business forward, but without upsetting the already solid apple cart....

More bang for pay-TV bucks

African connectivity service provider Gateway Communications is breaking new ground with its pay-TV service throughout Africa – a lucrative and responsive market dominated by Multichoice....

Growing a business isn`t easy

Integr8 IT is serious about business and has taken a structured approach to protecting the family culture already created. But the path to success has been rocky....

Eyes bigger than its stomach

Oracle has voraciously gobbled up just about every enterprise software vendor offering anything perceived as valuable to its long-term mission. So who`s next?...

The things that raised a chuckle


South Africa gets first taste


Mr Jones and you



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