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// July 2009

On the Spot: Identity and Access Management

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest priority, how important is IAM in end-user organisations and how high up is it on current IT spending priority lists? Brainstorm finds out....

Unfulfilled promise

South Africa has been spinning its wheels for ten years trying to get BPO right. Blame the government....

Living in interesting times

Opportunities and risks abound for outsourcers...

Into the cloud

The line blurs between managed services flavours....

A question of (high)standards

IT Service Management is no longer a negotiable. If you play in the outsourcing game, you’re expected to have a firm grip on it....

Operational issues highlighted

Gartner says IT must deliver business value....

ITSM: where is South Africa really at?

A survey currently underway at the behest of the ITSM forum is providing a valuable indication of exactly how mature the local market is in this space. ...

Make way for the storyteller: An MD’s life

Once upon a time there was a man who regaled the world with words. This man has been written about extensively and once returned a bag containing hundreds of thousands of rand simply because he is a decent guy. This...

Innovation bytes

New technologies that excite the geeks...


Hello, and welcome to the Brainstorm gadget guide- a double-page spread of awesomeness: microchips and megabytes, gizmos and gimmicks....

Standardisation doors open for Africa

Developing countries must grow from being users of technologies to being active in setting global standards....

It’s only just begun

Seacom will make a change, but there is still a lot more that needs doing before the telecoms sector can be considered competitive....

Yet another pointless waste of money?

The Digital Dzonga Council, set to lead SA to the happy world of digital terrestrial television, was launched recently with much fanfare. ...

Aiming high

It’s time for the Black IT Forum to live up to industry’s perceptions of what it can achieve, says outgoing chairman Mthunzi Mdwaba....

Figures at your fingertips

Analysing the past can be an insightful indicator of what is to come. International and local research houses share their predictions for what the future holds. ...

Things that raised a chuckle

Play-play price wars...

A brief search in time - a brief time in search

Jonathan Gluckman takes a virtual stroll down search memory lane and looks at where South Africa stands today in terms of search sophistication....

1984 goes down the memory hole

By remotely deleting e-books that customers paid for, Amazon has shown the world the major problem with a proprietary e-book platform....

Transnet’s long road

Cut IT spend by R400 million? Solve disconnected infrastructure isues? Bring it on, says Transnet group CIO Thagaran Govender. Government owned logistics and transport company Transnet is transforming. ...

Digital justice rules

Blood-spatter analysis and ballistics are so old-school. Digital forensic experts gather evidence at the click of a mouse. ...


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