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// July 2010

If IT could do just one thing...

If you could have just one IT wish, what would it be?...

A leaf out of Google’s book

Stellenbosch is developing a start-up culture at the university in a bid to encourage innovation....

Convergence is key

Media sector driven by the shift to digital and mobile....

Encouraging the others

Startup culture isn’t just hard in South Africa. Ask Germany....

Newly-minted country manager

Being a newly-appointed country manager in the middle of a restructure and a merger is not for the faint of heart....


DiVoom UPO-1 ...

Lies, damn lies and the BSA

The BSA’s figures for software piracy in this country need adjusting. It could start by surveying some South Africans....

A couple of geeks

Mosiuoa Tsietsi is working on next generation network services that enable the deployment of Skype-like services on a telecoms network....

Nommer asseblief?

It may be old-school, but the telephone is still a critical part of the corporate technology toolbox....

Mobile tracking becomes the norm

Location-based services and personal tracking is also a trend....

No surprises here

Cloud computing hasn’t been much of a surprise for two managed services entrepreneurs....

Starting up

A relatively unknown outfit is rapidly becoming one of the biggest web businesses in South Africa....

Where have all the billboards gone?

Technology is revolutionising the property market....

Mapping hope

Traditional mapping data for asset tracking, fleet management, business and market intelligence and web services is now being used to combat HIV/Aids....

A real recovery?

Although the economy is showing signs of improving, not all parts of it will benefit equally. ...

Bridging the great divide

Who would have thought technology would enable us to bank the unbanked? ...

Faritec’s rise and fall

Faritec’s failure is a case study in how not to run an IT company....

Emerging patterns a recipe for change

Constant change in business is seen as a problem. But what if it wasn’t a problem, but an opportunity?...

The accidental CEO?

Was Pinky Moholi’s unexpected return to Telkom last year the precursor for her stepping into the CEO’s position? It would certainly make sense....

Advertising gets social

While Bafana Bafana flexes its football muscle on the field, many of the big brands have shifted the primetime advertising battlefield to the social media space....


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