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// July 2010

On the spot: Data centres

Your business can’t operate without it, but you’ve not updated it since ’79. Problem? Perhaps....

Legal requirements push ILM

New laws in South Africa will compel companies to manage their data properly. But there’s almost no guidance on how to proceed....

Wooing the customer just got harder

Customer expectations are changing, and a lot of companies are being caught short....

It’s all about the risk

Compliance. Aka an unnecessary cost. Aka a painful thing that must be done. And it’s about to get worse....

Incubator extraordinaire

In addition to a high-pressure day job, Justin Spratt somehow finds time to help startups in South Africa. ...

Facebook needs to do better

Facebook has a trust problem. That’s bad for its users....

Zuckerberg is a liar

Facebook is one of many companies that keep annoying customers with their failure to grasp open standards....

Soft values in a hard science industry

Skills retention and development is a focus for businesses in practically any sector. For NECSA CEO Dr Rob Adam, this has been a career-long focus....


Epson TX700W ...

New governance rules…

…bring business continuity to the boardroom....

Business continuity

A non-core activity that nobody can afford to overlook....

On the spot: Security

Security is a game of tag, with crooks and security experts chasing each other’s tails across the internet, leaving end-users stuck squarely in the middle.  ...

Piping it in

You can’t talk virtualisation without talking cloud. And you can’t talk cloud without hitting the bandwidth and hosting discussion. ...

Will the cloud change BI forever?

Unstructured data and cloud technologies have BI practitioners thinking hard....

Getting the balance right

Angus MacRobert has climbed back on the horse after his recent forced sabbatical....

Double-edged cell

Cellphones are a blessing and a curse for companies that can benefit from their convenience, but suffer because of the 24/7 access they enable.  ...

The new face(s) of computing

If Microsoft is going to be relevant to the next generation of computer users, who better to pay attention to than the leading expert on how the next generation is using social networks?...

Local developer branches out

An entrepreneurial programmer from Cape Town is about to give his pride and joy away – for free.  ...

Precision farming

How technology informs farm management decisions, and provides market linkages to African small-scale farmers.  ...

IT is not a business

Running your internal IT department like a business has got to stop....


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