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// July 2010

What would Ben do?

Is the internet supporting democratic government, subverting it or offering some alternative version of political action?  ...

In defence of Apple

The gloves are off, and Apple is playing the dominant bully role for which the world has always hated Microsoft. Let it....

Interconnect – the rates keep dropping

More correctly called call termination rates, the charges operators levy on each other to terminate calls keep dropping. The impact will be big. When it finally happens. ...

Uncapped ADSL – a workable business model?

It’s a scale game as ISPs rush to attract as many uncapped broadband clients as possible. ...

The Facebook generation

Consumers are becoming increasingly identity-focused. Corporations will have to keep up to remain relevant – both as suppliers and employers.  ...

A massive game in your pocket

Any dyed-in-the-wool geek is familiar with massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Vodacom has taken the MMORPG and gone mobile, and mainstream....

What’s the big deal?

Virtualisation has moved to the desktop. And?...

At work with a guerrilla

Better internet in Hillbrow than in Sandton? Why not?...

Hard-arsed Hollander

For some people, the epitaph above would be deemed an insult that could only be assuaged by suing Noseweek for coining the phrase. But Piet den Boer wore it like a badge of honour....

Focus on South Africa

The spotlight is on Africa as the Fifa 2010 World Cup descends on SA....

Doing our bit

Social media and networking are making a difference in the fight against crime as arrests through portals such as eBlockwatch and Crime Line mount up....

Demographic shift

Cisco’s first networkers’ conference in the Middle East highlighted the changing makeup of the world’s population....

Solutions in search of a problem

The launch of the Apple iPad put the spotlight on an old problem – devices that fall into the space between laptops and smartphones....


Canon Ixus 210 ...

What can BPM do?

There’s a big gap between the theory and practice, particularly when it comes to management disciplines. ...

Software? What software?

True or false? Every piece of software your organisation uses is properly licensed, and you are only paying for as many licences as you actually need....


More than just managing transactions...

Cloud over Wits

African free software stalwart Prof Derek Keats is propelling Wits University into the cloud as an efficient way of managing resources at the institution. ...

On the spot: Storage

Storage is alternatively a life-saver and the bane of every IT admin’s existence, but we really couldn’t do without it, and it’s getting more complicated....

The killer mobile phone

Mobile handsets and applications continue to evolve faster than companies can cope with them. That will have to change....


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