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// July 2010

Powering down

More companies are looking at the benefits of green technology as Eskom gets ready to raise prices....

African renaissance?

IDC sees growth for African IT spend after a wretched 2009....

Minding the store

There’s still plenty of room for tech retail, says Incredible Connection’s CEO....

South Africans rock Texas

A group of South Africans recently descended upon South by South West Interactive, in Austin, Texas, for a week of brain food....

The data centre’s best-kept secret

F5’s almost unnoticed presence at the edge of the data centre is about to change....

Managing mail mayhem

St John’s had a spam problem. And 1 400 scholars compounding said problem by bringing viruses into the school environment. Something had to give....

A traitor in your pocket

Security has traditionally focussed on software and systems, with the actual hardware not getting much airtime. That has to change....

The new creation journey

Scientists across the globe, including South Africa, will now join in the search for how the universe was created....

The technologist who decayed into a businessman

Jens Montanana, at 49, has a schedule that would make most 30-year-olds balk, but he says he’s slowed down....

Shifting economic paradigms

While the economic crisis at the end of the first decade of the 21st century has made the most headlines, there are more significant shifts afoot that will inform the future of business....

Prepare for take-off

The local economy is picking up and ICT companies will soon start reaping the benefits. ...

The operators’ missing millions

Up to R1 billion is gathering dust in the Universal Service and Access Fund, while South Africans cry for basic telecoms services. ...


How an enterprise device became the hottest smartphone on the market. ...

Bluster behind the scenes

Patents are worthless if your opponent has them too....

Skills less of an issue

The IT skills crisis that has hampered the growth of businesses for at least four years has finally begun to ease....

Mission: urgent investment

The Department of Defence admits its information communications infrastructure requires serious upgrades and replacements.   ...

Marketing in the digital age

Internet marketer since 1999? Believe it.   ...

A new model for community TV

Licensed exclusivity as a means of developing community radio and TV stations is folly....


Canon EOS 550D ...

Consultants work for a living

Brainstorm follows a consultant around for a day and learns how to make technology work in the real world....


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