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// June 2010

One box is more

A national freight forwarder has swopped a complicated bunch of wide area network management devices for one locally designed box. ...

Growing local savvy for global markets

Three veteran US businessmen are rearing to get stuck into taking South African technology to market internationally. They don’t expect daunting local competition. ...

Eager-to-please ERP

A researcher progresses towards proof that ERP systems can learn individual human preferences. ...

Genie in the water bottle

Researchers are investigating nanotechnology, already used in computers and sunscreen, as a potential drinking water treatment, while keeping an eye on its possible toxic effects. ...

Susie and the beanstalk

A Briton abroad became Mama M-PESA. She listened, built the mobile payment service and millions came. ...

Susie and the beanstalk

A Briton abroad became Mama M-PESA. She listened, built the mobile payment service and millions came. ...

Home sweet waste zone

A social housing agency repels building hijackers and other trespassers with biometric access control, backed up by CCTV. ...

Making clean power while the sun shines

A Southern African logistics group has switched its national hub to solar power, and got computer-friendly backup power for 120 office workers as part of the deal. ...

Do these fish look fat?

Farmed kabeljou in East London meet up with a web-based, real-time tracking solution. ...

Blazing-fast recoveries

New technology makes it possible to recover from a corporate data disaster in a few hours. Getting to recovery nirvana is not for everyone, though. ...

King on subcontractors' trails

New legislation will soon force companies to protect the information their businesses run on, to a far greater extent than in the past. ...

Getting the clients' say in stereo

A consultant in Johannesburg turns stakeholder meetings into project proposals within hours. He reduces project turn-around time with a digital pen and mind-mapping software. ...

Conference call

It’s all about real communication in a virtual world. ...

Oracle is trying to commit suicide

Will its best efforts to alienate the entire planet succeed?...

Is online debate really shallow?

A professor of English brands online debates as “hostile”, and proceeds to theorise why. But are they really so awful?...

Losing control is okay

The internet has multiplied the number of voices talking about brands. How should brand owners respond?...

An embarrassment of cabling riches?

It’s feast or famine in the international bandwidth market these days....

Goodbye Icasa

South Africa will be saying goodbye to its independent communications regulator if the Icasa Amendment Bill goes through in its current form. ...

On the spot: It’s under your keyboard

Passwords are a problem. Isn’t it time we found a solution? ...

Open source comes of age?

Open source software isn’t about Linux geeks anymore. Some of the country’s largest enterprises have been running critical systems on it for years....


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