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// July 2010

Too much to do…

…and too little time....

Oracle misses the point

Open source is more about communication than anything else....

On the spot: It’s your customer, right?

One of the complications around CRM has always been the problem of who owns the data....

High-flying or grounded?

Your startup needs to be grounded in reality, says a local veteran....

Mining robots of the future

Deon Sabatta is building a mobile ‘pack mule’ robot that will follow a human target and navigate its way ‘home’. ...

Making dumb phones smart

Vodacom wants to get smartphones into the hands of the masses. ...

Passionate about printing

Even mass printing and communicating has become personal through recent printing technology developments. ...

Silent crimes

Cyber crime is often equated with Nigerian 419 scams, phishing attacks and denial of service attacks, but it encompasses a much broader range of activities that impact businesses in South Africa every day....

Eggs in one basket

Fairacres, one of the largest egg producers in the country, has revamped its entire ERP system....

Time is money

Cellular providers have dug in their heels and the further reduction of interconnect rates in SA has been delayed. But on what basis are tariffs being adjusted? ...

From takeovers to takeout

Allan Cawood plans to run a boutique hotel one day, something far removed from the corporate world he calls home....

CIVETS are the new BRIC

Can SA compete with its emerging market competitors, or will it lose out?...

Serious fun and games

Innovative advertisers have combined the entertainment value of gaming with brand association to reach the fickle masses. ...

Cowboys in boots?

Many local CIOs lack the maturity and expertise needed to effectively deliver what their boards are demanding. ...

It’s called marketing...

There’s something about social media that makes even sane and sensible marketers throw the rule book out the window. ...

Shooting the moon

Since 2004, Ubuntu Linux has grown to become the number-one open source desktop operating system. Behind the success of Ubuntu is Mark Shuttleworth, his company Canonical, and a dedicated multitude of open source developers. As far as South Africa’s s...

More than just certification

Skills development in South Africa is becoming a lot more than just going on courses to get the right certificates....

But is it safe?

One of the hardest things to get your head around, when considering moving some of your applications or infrastructure into the cloud, is the question of security....

The cloud is more than just hot air

“The Cloud”. Suddenly, it’s everywhere, and everyone’s doing it. Those who aren’t doing it are trying to sell it anyway. But what exactly is this cloud, what does it offer, and who stands to benefit?...

Dumb end-users

As many a company has discovered, all the security in the world won’t work if your users are giving away the keys to the vault. What’s to be done?...


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