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// June 2010

Didata comes of age

The buyout of Dimension Data by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) sees Didata come of age as a global player to be reckoned with. ...

Out of sorts

Just who is to blame for South Africa’s failure to thrive in the outsourcing market? The answer, it seems, is everybody....


Sitecom 300N wireless router ...

Attracting unwanted attention

South Africa’s growing internet user base makes the country an attractive destination for crooks looking for bank accounts to pillage....

BPO: Keeping South Africa’s foot in the door

South Africa has long looked to business process outsourcing (BPO) – an industry that includes contact centres as well as outsourced back-office processes – as an important source of new job creation. Can the reality measure up to the dream? ...

Public sector skills: vision needed

Government needs to build up skills for its own needs as well as the country’s. That won’t be easy....

Pricey power making electricity-hungry data centres greener

Operators face double the electricity bill they were used to, as electricity gets significantly more expensive....

Differentiating reaction through centralisation

When 100 percent uptime could mean the difference between life and death, can our security companies really perform?...

Do or die for local developers?

The local software market is still toddling along, not taking over the world, but not doing badly either. Is this enough, however?...

An honest politician

Datacentrix’ Gary Morolo has no respect for the politics he studied, which is a pity, really. ...

A passion for pixels

South Africa’s animation sector is trying to pull itself up by its bootstraps....

Better decisions are on the horizon

In the midst of the turbulent business environment, organisations still need to make the best decisions. Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) applications hold the promise of helping business make better and quicker decisions. ...

A better process

Saving money by process improvement? Software AG runs its business on it....

Protecting people

Symantec is on a mission to protect people and data as the world gets increasingly virtual....

Bigger fish to fry

IBM is back on top of its industry and the world. With a century of history behind it, the Big Blue is entering a new era in computing....

Internet freedom fighters

This year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation celebrates its 20th year of creating legal precedent in cases involving internet users and the governments and companies that try to silence them....

Mobile wake-up call

Smart handsets and more choices for mobile telephony are coming....

A farewell to independence

While a new draft Bill is intended to make the telecoms regulator more effective, its independence is under threat....

On the spot: Beyond the accounts department

Enterprise resource planning – for your accountant only? Brainstorm finds out....

Spectrum disaster in 3, 2, 1...

Icasa is auctioning off spectrum in the 2.6GHz frequency band, so industry can roll out wireless broadband internet, but it’s set up for failure - failure for industry, failure for the regulator, and failure for South Africa....


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