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// July 2011

Supporting startups

The third annual Netprophet conference was held in Cape Town last month....

Seeking meaning

Prior to the turn of the century, SA's ICT industry was inundates with characters and also a few stalwarts. Jorge de Campos belongs in the latter group....

The barefoot revolution

The hunt to reverse-engineer the world’s most advanced running shoe....

Gitoc handbook launched

The Gitoc 10th Anniversary Handbook was launched at an exclusive cocktail event last month....

On the spot: Power up

Data makes the world go round. And the datacentre keeps it moving....

A mobile democracy

Will business intelligence tools become as common as spreadsheets? Will they move onto everyone’s tablet? The experts weigh in....

Getting past square one

Companies virtualise some IT easily, but going further towards full virtualisation or cloud computing demands business-focused IT management....

Keeping IT alive when disaster strikes

Natural disasters and civil upheaval in many parts of the world this year have thrust business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) planning into the spotlight....

Into Africa

How do you develop a pan-African business? With lots of travelling, passion and a dose of humility....

Intelligent homes

It started with lights that turned on and off at the sound of a clap. Now home automation has become about building intelligence into your living spaces. But is it cost-effective yet?...

Rely on government, pay the price

IT companies have been outspoken in their criticism of the State IT Agency. But what did they expect? An efficient Sita would contradict everything for which bureaucratic government is known....

CIO Roundtable: Mobile phones and public servants

Is standardisation the most effective way to leverage mobile technology in the public sector?...

Hailing the singularity

A technologically-driven evolution of our species is around the corner, according to futurists in the camp of Ray Kurzweil. Our bodies are headed for redundancy (the bad kind) and things are about to get out of hand. Or are they?...

The emerging potential of Central Africa

Not much is said about ICT progress in Central Africa, but under the cloud of obscurity is a region ramping up....

Sumbandila’s made-up ROI

How do you justify spending millions on rather embarrassing space technology? Simple. Just make it up. Lie. Anyone who questions you will just be unpatriotic....

Making space

When Mae Jemison took to the skies, she made history. Today, she’s encouraging the current generation of young women to do the same....

Are nukes nuts?

Do the risks of nuclear power outweigh the benefits?...

Analyse this

How do analysts make sense of the future of technology and business? Travelling a lot helps....

You can’t fool all of the systems all of the time

SAP’s woes in Johannesburg may just be a case of shooting the messenger. ...

The size of things to come

Vendors are betting on tablets as the shape of the future. This raises the question about which device will be a winner. Beyond that, it raises the question of how it fits into our lives, work and society in general. ...


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