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// July 2011

The world’s most advanced wristwatch

The form and function of modern timepieces continue to amaze....

A new kind of struggle hero

With the passing of Albertina Sisulu, another struggle icon’s flame goes out. Who are the new generation’s heroes?...

Editor's note

Visa bought mobile payments company Fundamo the other day, for a cool $110 million....

A consumer focus

Lenovo has branched out of its traditional enterprise space into the consumer market. Driving this is CEO Yuanqing Yang....

Changing direction

Besides refreshing their brands, Vodacom and Cell C each took big bets on challenging the status quo....

A fracture in SA’s astronomical advantage?

South Africa’s bid to host the Square Kilometre Array has become one rallying point for public opposition to applications by Shell and others to explore for shale gas in the Karoo Basin. Will it be affected?...

Barnes and Noble grows a potent patent pair

Microsoft’s patent lawsuit against B&N could backfire horribly....

Things that raised a chuckle


Figures at your fingertips

Forecasting is hardly an exact science, but research into historic trends can provide insight into the direction markets may take. International and local research houses share their predictions of what the future holds....

Everything online

The web has evolved way beyond websites, and companies that aren't engaging are missing out....

No more moaning about tower power

A UK startup has invented an ammonia-based power source for the mobile industry....

Thrilling 3D

3D technology is about more than just movies and games; it offers real business functionality in ways that just might surprise you....

Shattering crime

Technology, not firepower, is the key to cutting down on cash-in-transit heists....

Mind over matter

SAS SA braves the 'New Age' stigma, putting the immune system into action at work....

Risky business

Seacom’s Brian Herlihy believes Africa is where it’s at and, to prove it, has put his own money where his mouth is....

Change the world with your computer

Distributed computing projects allow you to dominate your computer's idle time to worthy causes, from developing cures for AIDS and cancer to finding extraterrestrial intelligence....

The other side of carbon

For all the bad press it gets, carbon is a very useful and versatile element. And we are only starting to see what it can do in the field of semiconductor design....

Africa’s not for sissies

Tailoring solutions for African businesses and consumers requires a certain level of skill....

The agile enterprise: it's all in the design

Enterprises haven't been architected or optimised, says enterprise architecture guru John Zachman. They just happened over time....

Making a mark

E-signatures could bring the paperless office from fantasy to reality if businesses can overcome their distrust....


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