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// July 2011

Very flexible fibre

The City of Johanneburg’s dark and lit fibre offerings will be unusually flexible....

From PR pioneer to mobile mover

Cape Town entrepreneur Catherine Lückhoff sold her shares in boutique online PR company Mango-OMC to go mobile and join new tech startup, Bozza.Mobi....

A different touch

iPad devices are being used to help teach children with Autism Spectrum Disorder....

Mobile BI. No, really.

How the iPad changed the world of BI forever....

PayPal SA: one year later

A year down the line since PayPal opened its online payment services to customers in South Africa, the time is ripe for assessment and reflection....

Alternative currencies are coming

The nature of money itself will change, with sweeping consequences for society, says a senior Gartner executive....

Facebook vs Google+ – who gets the business?

Both companies are angling for the business networking market. Is Google+ David to Facebook’s Goliath?...

Local boy, global responsibility

South African Darren Roos, recently appointed to Software AG’s global board, talks to Brainstorm  about his rapid rise up the ladder at the German software giant....

Governance jitters increase

The plural of management anecdotes is not data governance. Strategy and not product should drive the deluge of company data....

On the spot: Staying ahead of the pack

Financial services is a competitive sector, so how do players keep up?...

CIO Roundtable: Don’t forget the network

It’s easy to concentrate on the datacentre and the edges and forget all about the network in between. Do that at your peril....

The consumer genie is out of the bottle

Consumer devices and apps have crept into nearly every organisation’s IT infrastructure, posing new policy management and security challenges for SA’s CIOs....

Regulating human behaviour

If people walk away with company information, well-structured security policy can help in court....

CIO Roundtable: Still no silver bullet

Developing software is as complex and difficult to estimate as ever but the right business analysis and the right approach can smooth out many of the kinks....

The world’s most advanced building

Intuitively, less is more when it comes to skyscrapers....

Why we’ll rue Wikileaks

All the signs are that the disclosure by Wikileaks of huge volumes of confidential and secret government documents will merely embolden the South African government in its attempts to pass the secrecy bill....

Revenue vs Reality

These nine companies generated over $560 Billion dollars in 2010, some of them were more successful at retaining their revenue than others. ...

Contact centre in a box

Can you press a button and create a full contact centre?...

Generation gap

The next generation of users is growing up online, in real-time, with more connectivity than we ever dreamt of. Is it helping the companies hiring them?...

Figures at your fingertips

Forecasting is hardly an exact science, but research into historic trends can provide insight into the direction markets may take. International and local research houses share their predictions of what the future holds....


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