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// July 2011

The world’s most advanced bicycle

The ultimate answer to our fuel efficiency needs?...

Time is short for data thieves

The term ‘data thieves’ refers not to evil hackers, but to the network operators who sell data bundles by the megabyte, only to cancel unused allocations after a given time....

Things that raised a chuckle


Editor's note

The ICT industry in South Africa stands at an interesting tipping point....

More focus, less travel

A professional association migrates to affordable video-conferencing over ADSL lines for two-weekly national training....

A giant leap

Starting a cellco from scratch is no easy task. In a saturated market, it’s an uphill battle from the get-go....

How (and why) Telkom lost R10 billion

It had no experience in any foreign market, or in mobile, or in CDMA. Is it any surprise Multi-Links failed?...

Things that raised a chuckle


Big news or niche hype?

Tablet computers have taken some sectors by storm, and been almost totally ignored by others....

Figures at your fingertips

Forecasting is hardly an exact science, but research into historic trends can provide insight into the direction markets may take. International and local research houses share their predictions of what the future holds....

Starting intelligently

Mark Stacey runs his own business intelligence startup. How does he compete with the global giants?...

Magazines are useful

Brainstorm magazine launched out of online publishing house ITWeb ten years ago. Here, some of Brainstorm's current and past editors take a look back....

Keep on moving

Frank van Rees has been seriously bitten the travel bug, a passion he shares with his wife. Fortunately, his career at HP let him indulge his quest to see the world....

Blanket coverage

A local integrator has teamed up with an international provider to  bring satellite broadband to all of SA's schools....

More mastery please

Most knowledge work is inherently frustrating over time. Why?...

The future’s so bright?

The Millenial generation is changing the world of work, throwing out old ideas and pushing in new. Companies need to take note, and take advantage....

Getting personal

A small group of senior executives is using Twitter and other social media platforms to project their personal brands. It’s proving good for business but there are potential pitfalls....

Learning from history

VMWare’s CEO shares his thoughts on the open cloud, how tablets are changing computing and working for Microsoft in the 1990s....

The ownership society

While we are very much focussed on the flood of new devices for mobile computing and communication, we might need to look beyond the obvious reasons for their popularity....

The business of baby-making

Going through nine in-vitro fertilisations to realise her own dreams of parenthood, Tertia Albertyn's bittersweet experience prompted her to establish the Nurture Egg Donor and Surrogacy Programme, making SA a top destination for fertility tourism....


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