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// June 2011

Things that raised a chuckle


A Cinderella sector finds its place in the spotlight

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have traditionally pulled the short straw when it comes to IT services....

Privacy gets complicated

Google information security engineer Parisa Tabriz will be speaking at this year’s ITWeb Security Summit on how Google handles its infosec challenges. Brainstorm caught up with her to discuss web security in an everything-onlin...

The pace of progress

This month, some of South Africa's CIOs take a look back at the most interesting IT developments of their careers. From mainframes to media, the changes have been fast, and dramatic....

Online booking for your business

A Dutch startup that offers a booking service enters the South African market....

CIO Roundtable: Opex versus capex

Renting your IT equipment still makes plenty of sense for the CIO, as long as there aren’t any surprises after three years....

Electricity out

How realistic is the expectation that the lights will be (reliably) on as we move into the next decade?...

CIO Roundtable: The next step towards cloud

After saving money on consolidating and virtualising, what’s next for the datacentre? ...

When the line drops

The collapse of traditional communications networks during recent natural disasters in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and Japan has thrust social media into the limelight....

The browser horde

Internet games are taking over....

The economic tsunami

The physical aftermath of the quake that hit Japan in early March is that it is a wider country. The economic impact has yet to be tallied. ...

An international approach

Jeffrey Hedberg has held some interesting jobs in all sorts of countries. Right now, though, he’s staying here....

Slowly but surely: BPM as a force for good

Business process management implementations are thin on the ground in South Africa. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t had an impact....

On the spot: Solid state drives

Solid state drives are just about the best thing ever, if you believe everything you hear....

More competition. Maybe.

Business and telecommunications players are looking to local loop unbundling to level the playing field a little further....

Figures at your fingertips

Forecasting is hardly an exact science, but research into historic trends can provide insight into the direction markets may take. International and local research houses share their predictions of what the future holds....

Telkom's next move

The stage is set for yet another epic (read: long-winded and drawn out) battle between industry, Telkom and Icasa, this time over carrier pre-select....

CIO Roundtable: Born in the cloud

Educational institutions see cloud computing as a way to overcome challenges, and keep up with a student population that is constantly pushing the boundaries. ...

The awful truth behind Cisco’s results

Home homilies about high-flying harbinger. ...

The economics of climate change

Extreme weather events have pushed the global economy back to the brink of collapse. ...


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