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// July 2011

Old young man

A near-fatal car crash has made Business Connexion CEO Ben Mophatlane re-evaluate the important things in life. ...

Does compute

Wolfram|Alpha is astonishingly useful, if you know what to use it for. And now any web application can integrate its handiness. Brainstorm caught up with one of the system’s developers. ...

Close, but no cigar

In education, access to books and libraries remains one of South Africa’s greatest challenges. A home-grown solution promises change. ...

Driving digital

Justin Spratt left investment banking for the wonderful world of IT. He’s now left IT for the murky realms of digital marketing. Here, he explains why....

Weeding out the online chaff

InfoInteg will check those website credentials so that you don’t have to. ...

Kenya: a rising mobile star

South Africa and Egypt are no longer the only ICT hubs. Kenya is the new kid on the block, particularly when it comes to anything mobile. ...

Wish I may, wish I might...

It’s that time of year again, and Brainstorm’s Christmas wishlist is doing the rounds....

Now unleash our spectrum

With the dismissal of General (RET) Siphiwe Nyanda and the appointment of former Deputy Minister Radakrishna (Roy) Padayachie as Minister of Communications, we might hope for a new approach to spectrum regulation. ...

Farewell to the father of fractals

Benoit Mandelbrot’s work was not just eye-catching, it described the real world. ...

Thinking big

Blue Label joint-CEO Mark Levy says the R17-billion-turnover-a-year company is just starting. Clearly, this is a man with a mission. ...

2010 Visionary CIO Award


Things that raised a chuckle


Pulled in all directions

Financial services innovation isn’t easy, for vendors or users. ...

2010 IT personality award



It’s that time of the year, again. The time where you pack your bags, spouse and kids into the car and head off to the coast. Or, if you’re already at the coast, you go to the reef and visit family. Perhaps it’s been a good year and you decide...

Hotels chase the ultimate customer experience

Hotels and leisure may be a high-touch industry that’s all about the customer experience, but it’s also an industry that is deeply dependent on technology to deliver that experience. ...


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