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// July 2012

Video in the enterprise: watch this space

Falling costs and more plentiful bandwidth may finally give enterprise video wings in South Africa....

Connecting Lagos

Take nothing for granted in telecoms or anything else in Nigeria, although things are improving steadily....

Startup founder with a twist

A former senior manager at FNB is finding running a small consultancy a bit different from his previous gigs....

No need to whine about the price

When you’re standing in front of a wine selection faced with 100 choices and a suddenly clueless brain, picking out a decent bottle becomes mission impossible....

Apple launches smartphone attack

A few months ago, Samsung wowed smartphone users across the world with the launch of the Galaxy S3. But then Apple upped the ante with its recently launched iPhone 5. To rub it in, the company announced it had received over two million pre-orders in just ...

Whistling past the graveyard

The worst symptom of ill health is an inability to collect revenue. Icasa has it....

Editor’s note

There’s been a bit of fuss about the National Planning Commission’s recommendation that Telkom be split into a wholesale and retail operation....

Smart money startup

A free personal finance platform is making waves in the financial services industry....

Death of the PC?

It seems reports of the death of the PC are greatly exaggerated....

Figures at your fingertips

Forecasting is hardly an exact science, but research into historic trends can provide insight into the direction markets may take. International and local research houses share their predictions of what the future holds. ...

Things that raised a chuckle


Publishing perturbations

Book publishing is undergoing a revolution for the good....

Ready, steady, go

Six years after deciding to move to digital TV and turn off the outdated analogue broadcast, the ‘go live’ day is finally here....

The agency cloning game

The Electronic Communicationsm Amendment Bill proposes the creation of a Spectrum Management Agency to handle frequency spectrum allocations. Is this not just creating yet another agency?...

Cashing in on mobile money

Mobile payment services promise to radically reshape banking and commerce in emerging economies. Success in the mobile money business, however, is far from easy....

Social media CEO

The IT media has described FNB’s Michael Jordaan as the coolest CEO in the country. They may be right....

Cash loses its crown

Beyond Payments’ tap-and-go card is seen as a world first and a bridge to near-field communications (NFC) payments....

Cashing in on the crowd

Passing around a virtual cup is the new way to fund projects....

Enterprises embrace convergence

Over the past few months, mobile giants Vodacom and MTN have been busily restructuring their operations, channelling staff, infrastructure and other resources into newly formed enterprise units....

Tech takes flight

Local budget airlines are turning to technology as a key differentiator in an overcrowded industry....


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