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// Brian Bakker

An unsung hero and eternal entrepreneur

His name is probably not familiar to readers who began their careers after 1987, but Werner Sievers is a pioneer of the South African ICT industry....

Close, but no cigar

In education, access to books and libraries remains one of South Africa’s greatest challenges. A home-grown solution promises change. ...

Hard-arsed Hollander

For some people, the epitaph above would be deemed an insult that could only be assuaged by suing Noseweek for coining the phrase. But Piet den Boer wore it like a badge of honour....

Stuck at the starting gate

The global mobile broadband market is currently a battlefield between two competing technologies: LTE and WiMax. But in SA, the question is moot. ...

A breath of fresh air

It doesn’t always have to be about the financial benefit; it can have a healthy effect too. ...

Undeniably historic

At 12 years old, open source software barely deserves to be in a history piece, but its influence means IT's history cannot be writ without a mention. ...

The importance of PARC

There was no single place in which Information Technology was invented, but there were a few in which significant advances were made. This is the story of one of those laboratories: Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC). ...

Connecting the dots


Google rattles Microsoft`s cage

For several years, reports have emerged about the threat Google poses to Microsoft`s desktop duopoly. However, little has happened in the local market to give credence to those reports until now....

Subverting the file format war

April Fool's Day started with a bang this year, with news that the international organisation (ISO) had approved Microsoft's OOXML document format; but it wasn't a joke....

Right place, right time

In 1982, IBM towered over the global IT industry and generated more revenue than all the rest put together. Microsoft wasn`t even on the radar. Today, by market value, Microsoft is the seventh largest company in the world, according to Forbes....

A PC on every desk and in every home

Last month, we covered the advent of the personal computer. This month, we pick up the tale at the point where the PC moved out of the hobbyist realm and became a serious business tool....

Growing a business isn`t easy

Integr8 IT is serious about business and has taken a structured approach to protecting the family culture already created. But the path to success has been rocky....

The mainframe is dead; long live the mainframe

Since its arrival in 1964, the mainframe has been the one constant in an ever-changing sea of technology. It remains so despite periodic predictions of its imminent demise....

How long is a piece of string?


Sars upgrade eases the pain


Broadening the base

In the early days, computers were so expensive that they were out of the reach of all but the very largest organisations – and then came DEC....

Foundations of an industry

There's much debate about which machine was the first computer - commercial, business or otherwise - but there is no doubt about which machine launched the industry....

Porting road to nowhere

Mobile number portability was seen by many as an elixir to the high cost of cellular telephony in South Africa. Unfortunately, the reality has proved very different....

In the beginning...

The abacus is widely credited as the precursor of what we know as a computer today. Brainstorm looks at how we`ve progressed from there to here....


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