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// Brian Bakker

Software patents: IP or not IP?

Software patents are supposedly illegal in South Africa. So why are large companies filing them? And why are they deemed valid until proven otherwise?...

The high cost of software

The debate over the high cost of software has raged since before the emergence of the open source software model....

The Silicon Diary

The transistor and subsequently the integrated circuit and microprocessor changed the world. As a result there are thousands if not millions of transistors in just about every electrical appliance we use today. Brian Bakker looks at how this came about....

Miles and miles of copper

While the technology to transmit data across power lines has been around for several decades, it has failed to make much impact. But if activity in several local cities is anything to go by, this is about to change in South Africa....

PDF backdoor left ajar

A British researcher has discovered two vulnerabilities in the ubiquitous PDF file format that could conceivably open backdoors for hacker attacks....

Developers prefer open source

Open source is disquieting to many because it threatens the comfortable status quo. However, IDC reports quiet support among professional software developers....

Trust no one

The ink is hardly dry on new interception regulations, when a real-live case – or allegation, at least – crops up. It`s a political plot, of course....

Swatting office flies


Something old, something new

Is service-oriented architecture the latest and greatest in technology, or just a new ribbon on an old box?...

New ways to pay for your software

The pressure is on for the software industry....

The pros and cons of SAP

Gartner`s analysts and SAP`s customers got together in Sun City to discuss the merits of deploying or even upgrading their ERP systems....

Give Telkom the finger


Bringing PCs to the masses


Office wars, the next generation

There`s a buzz around web-based productivity tools and office applications. How much substance is there to the hype, and how much of a threat are they to Microsoft?...

Seagate unleashes “monster” drive

With a 750GB drive now out, capacity for desktops is nearing the terabyte mark. ...

ODf comes to Microsoft Office


Asgisa`s plan: throw money around

Telecommunications services in South Africa are among the most expensive in the world. This has been shown by independent study after independent study. So what is government doing about it? Well, there`s Asgisa......

A fool with a tool is still a fool


Trust me, I`m Microsoft


No Vista for Christmas



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