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// Simon Dingle

The technology of speed

Formula 1 is the world’s fastest sport and behind its teams of drivers and cars are engineers, software developers and CIOs who face a highly demanding operating environment....

Social traction

Social media marketing is shaking things up. If the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed, why is there so much confusion surrounding this new frontier?...

The app era

Mobile applications have become everybody’s business. For South African companies wanting their own apps, there are several options to consider, starting with: do you really, really need one?...

Easy money?

Virtual currency, you say? Made on the internet? Get real......

Information banking

If you’re archiving all your information in the cloud, you may as well put that data store to work. And if your information is being gathered in a communications system where it is accurately indexed, then the possibilities are endless....

Change the world with your computer

Distributed computing projects allow you to dominate your computer's idle time to worthy causes, from developing cures for AIDS and cancer to finding extraterrestrial intelligence....

Intelligent homes

It started with lights that turned on and off at the sound of a clap. Now home automation has become about building intelligence into your living spaces. But is it cost-effective yet?...

Hailing the singularity

A technologically-driven evolution of our species is around the corner, according to futurists in the camp of Ray Kurzweil. Our bodies are headed for redundancy (the bad kind) and things are about to get out of hand. Or are they?...

A Roman in China

Lenovo’s new secret weapon prepares to reinvent the brand. ...

The padded market

With two of the world’s largest annual technology events done and dusted for 2011, strong trends have emerged for the year.  Brainstorm takes a look at the signals from the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress. ...


A new era in photography has dawned, signalled by two strong trends that emerged last year. ...

All up in the business

Cellular operators eye the next frontier for revenue in Africa. ...

Growing mobile

The brains behind The Grid and Legends of Echo have unleashed an explosion, otherwise known as mobile social networking platform Motribe. ...

Silicon Capetonian

Justin Stanford. Chicks dig him, okes wanna be him. He drives a supercar, invests millions in technology startups and achieved more by the age of 21 than most people will in their lifetime. And he’s only just begun....

Clash of the underdogs

In the battle to dethrone South Africa’s leading cellular networks, Cell C and Telkom’s 8ta will first have to deal with each other. ...

Does compute

Wolfram|Alpha is astonishingly useful, if you know what to use it for. And now any web application can integrate its handiness. Brainstorm caught up with one of the system’s developers. ...

Capturing corporate

Neotel celebrates its fourth anniversary in operation this year. The company has its own network and some serious backing, but is it really bringing the competition it was intended to? ...

Net in neutral

The internet neutrality debate is heating up again in the US. In SA, where the net has never been neutral, it’s easy to overlook what is at stake. ...

Monkeys vs. robots

Clay Shirky thinks about the internet. He also writes and speaks about it. His current focus is on the move from technical engineering to creating opportunities with online technologies. It's a big adaptation for a species that only recently stopped pai...

Burning with gas

On a continent where diesel power is a way of life and business for telecommunications operators, MTN is having to come up with new ways of powering infrastructure. ...


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